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Bike Shed Unlocked: FAQ

James Joseph | May 11, 2020


How do I submit?
Click here to submit your bike!

Will my bike be eligible for Bike Shed 2021 if I enter it in Bike Shed Unlocked?
Yes, Bike Shed Unlocked is not replacing any Bike Shed live Show you can enter your bike in Unlocked and future Bike Shed Shows too.

What happens if my bike is nearly finished, I just need to add the seat!
That’s fine, please still submit and send us your bike. We’re interested in seeing beautiful bikes, but more importantly your stories. We know that the current situation has made things uncertain, and are accepting nearly complete bikes.

What’s the deadline?
We hope to grow Bike Shed Unlocked over the cause of the next few months, so we have no deadline perse, but the quicker you get your submissions in, the faster it could be part of Bike Shed Unlocked!

Can I email my submission instead?
Sorry, we cannot take submissions this way, please use the form instead.

I submitted a video but can’t see it on the site?
Sorry, it’s likely that your video did not meet the criteria that we required in the brief. If you’d like to refilm your video and resubmit, please do as we’re keeping the show open for the foreseeable future. If you filmed your video portrait, please refilm in landscape.