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Hawkeye Moto’s BMW R65

After Rowan Haughey finished the build of his forest green 1979 BMW R45—the Hawkeye Moto R86—he displayed his creation the Bike Shed London Show 2019, and after the show wrapped he wanted to revisit the build and pay closer attention to his detail work, so he bought a 1980 R65 and started crafting a second iteration of the bike, the R86-2. On the first go-around Haughey “tried to get rid of everything, but [he] didn’t know what [he] wanted to keep,” so on the R86-2 he made sure to trim every excess tab and round down every superfluous bung, and the result is a wonderful detailed airhead that, according to Haughey, “performs off the road as well as on the road.”


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