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Martin’s Suzuki GT125 “Atom”

In 2016 Martin Pace from Build Studio in Malta started building this 1977 Suzuki GT125, “Atom,” which he bought as a rusty frame and a box of parts. Pace says, “I don’t like mixing brands, so every part is off of some kind of Suzuki.” The front end, rear suspension, and swingarm are from a Suzuki GT185, and the reshaped fuel tank came off of a Suzuki A80. Pace wanted to communicate his love of Porsches through this bike, so he painted Atom in Porsche slate gray, which gets a lot of compliments. Pace says, “After many failed attempts at getting this bike up and running, it now finally roars to life as a one-kick wonder that makes sure you hear its arrival as it rips ’round the bend.”

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